The Labriola Innovation Hub facilities include state-of-the-art makerspaces and shops to create, prototype, test, and iterate.

There are limitless possibilities to what you can create, from using our suite of sewing and embroidery machines, CNC machines, resin printers, and so much more!


Wood shop

The Wood Shop is the prototyping and building shop with many tools and materials to help you make your designs come to life. This includes several varieties of lathes, saws, sanders, laser cutters, and a ShopBot CNC machine. The woodshop supervisors will provide creative and technical assistance to students in their designing and prototyping processes.     

Metal shop

The Metal Shop is a cutting-edge machine space specializing in altering metals and plastics using modern machinery, featuring advanced HAAS, CNC mills and lathes, welding equipment, and other manual equipment. The Metal Shop will also be getting metal 3D printers in the future.


The Makerspace is your one stop shop for all things 3D printing, 2D design tools, and fabric feats. This room contains all the 3D printers in the building, a state-of-the-art embroidery machine, and various Cricut Cutter design and cutting machines. Wheater you’re looking to make a plastic prototype, embellish an old t-shirt, or design your own mug this room had a wonderful breadth of equipment and an amazing creation crew ready to help your ideas come to life! 

Electronics Shop

The Electronics Shop is where you can come to prototype circuits, print circuit boards, and microcontroller projects. Stocked with everything you need to make your control systems come to life, including breadboards, discreet components, Arduinos and raspberry pis, sensors, and soldering stations! This room also includes our two Bantam Tools CNC mills to prototype dual layer PCB boards. 

Composites & paint shop

The Composites & Paint Shop is home to the chemical processes available in Labriola. This is the only place you can paint in, and offers spaces ventilated for pours and other paint, stain, and dying needs. It includes spray paint and fume hoods, and will soon be home to resin 3D printers. 

Open build shop

The Open Build Shop is a drop-in assembly and creation space for any project. You can make components in the Wood, Metal, or Electronics Shops, check out some equipment from the Tool Crib, and collaborate with teammates to finish your project here. 

Software makerspace

The Software Makerspace is where you can access communal PCs with design programs. Such as SolidWorks, Aspire, and Adobe Suite. In conjunction with adjacent collaboration spaces, this area can be transformed into a student-focused event and workshop space. There are three TV screens with AV and microphones coming soon, thanks to the tech fee. 


The Tool Crib is your favorite concession stand, from the rolltop counter you can check out a variety of hand tools, and eventually purchase material such as sheet stock for laser cutters and routers, Markforged filament, vinyl materials, and more. 


The InnoHub will now be home to Cornerstone and Capstone: two programs that are a part of the Mines Signature Experience. The spaces provided for this program are meant for fostering learning and allowing for private project workspace for these students. The spaces are managed through the Engineering, Design & Society department at the Colorado School of Mines.  


  • Cornerstone courses teach students how to solve complex, open-ended problems using critical thinking and workplace skills. Students work in multidisciplinary teams to learn through doing, with emphasis on defining and diagnosing the problem through a holistic lens of technology, people, and environment. Students follow a user-centered design methodology throughout the process, seeking to deeply understand a problem from multiple perspectives and accept its ambiguities before attempting to solve it. Whenever possible, instruction in these subjects is “hands-on” and experimental, with the instructor serving as both mentor and lecturer. 
  • Capstone Design is a creative, client-driven design experience emerging from combined efforts in civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental and design engineering. The engineering community widely recognizes that many of the challenges facing society, now and in the future, can only be met through multidisciplinary approaches. Capstone Design embraces the uniqueness of each degree, while enabling students to address realistic, multidisciplinary challenges. 
Collaboration spaces

There are a variety of conference rooms, open workspaces, and a classroom available to all students, staff, and faculty. These spaces are designed to help launch your creativity and prototyping plans, so you can best engineer your creations.